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Electric Vehicle Xtrastructure Consultancy

We were early participants in the introduction of Electric Vehicles  (EVs) as contributors to both previous London Mayors' EV Partnership group, working on the forward strategy for the implementation of EVs and supporting infrastructure in London.

Our expertise extends beyond this with extensive experience in Electricity Supply & Distribution as well as work on-the-ground introducing updated transport infrastructure in major cities. Our initiatives and forward strategy cover the use of Intelligent Energy, Fleet Optimisation, Freight & Mass Transport, Environmental Assessment and Research on EVs.

Take up of low-carbon solutions has been slow but cities and countries are waking up to the need to reduce reliance on fossil fuels. In order to do this an Xtrastructure is needed which paves the way for initiatives such as EV use and re-orientation of freight onto different hubs involving ships, rail, road and localised EV delivery.

These approaches will to some extent reshape cities, towns and rural areas as well as the networks that connect them from port to household. Further issues surrounding battery production and its pollution, a viable national re-charging network and investment levels are all challenges yet to be overcome..

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